Deeply rooted in Chef Audrey Pravata´s DNA is her love for fresh ingredients, comforting food and joyous experiences with lots of people around her kitchen table.

She grew up in Belgium with a love for nature and a great appreciation for simplicity, which she believes is the true essence of what she thinks is the foundation for delicious cuisine.

Audrey is a conscious chef, not a religious one, and she strives for sustaining balance, not swinging in the extremes. Her meals are delicious, rich in flavour with health in focus, but sometimes she has to be a little bit naughty and sacrifice taste over everything, for example using full cream or real butter, instead of the lighter versions.

That said, taste is the key to everything and because of her easy and humorous approach to cooking, one of her favourite quotes is, «Never trust a Skinny Cook», because honestly, if you are a true food lover and epicurean, how can you ever really stay skinny?

“I love to cook and teach others my passion for cooking. I have always wanted to demonstrate this through a 100% responsible business practice, as to why I founded the Cuisine Cuisine Cooking studio in 2018.Ingredients and environment are really key to my studio. I ensure that meals are prepared with healthy ingredients, and I like to keep a positive mindset and joyful atmosphere around myself and the people I work with. It´s important for me to have fun and stay true to my own way of being and cooking style, and I find that making creative, home-styled recipes from local, fresh and whenever possible, organic ingredients is what people really love. Cooking for me, should be relaxed, realistic, and always with a lot of smiles.”

As a mother of 3, Audrey is aware of the environment and thinks about the future of her children on this planet. Plastic pollution is one topic that is close to her heart. She is determined to make small changes in her and her family’s life, when it comes to protecting the environment. She knows that individual choices may not seem like much with the challenges that the world is facing, but small steps lead to bigger ones, and with more and more people making these changes, the industries will also have to adapt.

This is why she tries to avoid plastic wherever she can. She recycles, reuses, and finds ways to avoid plastic, like carrying steel straws instead of plastic ones, using glass containers instead of plastic ones etc.


How it started

Audrey started her career as a young waitress in the French restaurant Robert Lesenne in Belgium. Having accrued experience in the food service sector, she then later took up the position of shop manager at Delvaulx-Dubernet in Brussels – a gourmet store specialising in high end products like Foie Gras for a niche clientele. 


In 1995 Audrey graduated with a Technical Diploma in Hotel Management from Ecole Hotelliere de Spa in Belgium, and then continued her studies through a 3-year diploma in Culinary Instruction, specialising in areas like cooking, service, nutrition and hygiene.


In 2007 Audrey moved to Bahrain and created `Art Cuisine At Home´ in Manama, Bahrain. Together with a French Chef, she made gourmet meals and provided cooking skills accessible to the general public through her `Chef At Home´concept – catering to private dinners, themed dinners on cruises, and private cooking lessons for children and adults.


In 2011 she met new challenges when she moved to Dubai and worked as a Chef Instructor, as well as a restaurant manager at SCAFA – The School of Culinary and Finishing Arts, Dubai. Audrey and her team offered long-term professional certifications, as well as recreational classes.


In 2013 Audrey was offered the Chef Instructor and Food Specialist position at Maybury Dubai Marina where she took on the responsibility of the Deli and The Interactive Cooking Studio. During the same year, she became Executive Chef of the Maybury restaurant and continued to give cooking classes solely for food enthusiasts, as her past time fun.


In 2017 Audrey moved with her family from Dubai to Vietnam and realized her dream of having her own cooking studio, Cuisine Cuisine Cooking Studio, in 2018.
Audrey is also the proud mother of three children, two girls and one boy.