Cookery for Teens

They turned 14 recently and time really flies. Before you know it, they are off to university. Living alone whilst studying AND eating healthy is quite the challenge for all young adults.

This 1,5h class will help prepare your Teen to cook fast and healthy meals (the first doesn’t exclude the other!)

They will get tips, techniques and recipes so they will be able to cook for themselves, but also for their friends – we all know that sharing is caring, and that food is the base of all good friendships.
Our Teen Cooking Classes are an interactive and “hands-on” experience with our Chef Audrey, and has been designed to get teens comfortable in the kitchen, try new foods and most of all inspire kitchen creativity.
They will learn to make all dishes from scratch, understand kitchen safety, hygiene and proper use of utensils and equipment. This class will equip your Teen with information about how to make healthy choices and simple, yet tasty food. We will also learn how to improvize with ingredients, spices and seasonings, which will help them be creative even when on a tiny student budget.

Every class includes your own prepping station, an apron, tools and supplies. All class recipes are included, and will be sent to you and your teen by e-mail.

Check out our schedule to see upcoming Cookery for Teens classes and book the topic that’s perfect for your Teen.

Feel free to ask us any questions.

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