Hands On Cooking

Hands On Cooking for adults – a Lunch or Dinner Menu
Cuisine Cuisine Cooking Studio offers French, and other European style, Hands On cooking classes for adults, at a duration of 3 Hours.
We will teach you how to prepare healthy gourmet meals, for lunch or dinner, using fresh and carefully selected, seasonal ingredients.

You will get professional tips and techniques, that will help you produce feasts for your friends and family. We offer many types of classes for different cooking levels – from preparing simple comfort food, to basic cooking techniques, as well as more advanced menus that will impress your guests.

Hands On Cooking is designed in a fun and engaging atmosphere designed for all cooking personalities. The 3 course meal will be explained, prepared, cooked and plated together. Everything you cook on the day, you eat on the day in the dining room at Chef Audrey´s Table d’Hote!

Every class includes your own prepping station, an apron, tools and supplies. All class recipes are included, and will be sent to you by e-mail.

Check out our schedule to see upcoming Hands On Cooking classes – with lunch or dinner menus as the topic, and book the one that’s right for you!

Feel free to ask us any questions.

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