Kids Cooking Atelier

From 8 to 13 years old, this is a 1,5h class dedicated to the little Chefs to be.

Our chef Audrey explains ;

“When I was only 7 years old, I wanted to make my all time favourite, a chocolate mousse. I would wake up 6 in the morning every Sunday, whilst my parents were still sleeping. I tried, and tried, and to my parents delight (or fright), they ate my chocolate mousse every Sunday with a smile. It took me several weeks to actually get it right, and I was finally happy with the result, which gave me such a great sense of happiness and achievement. That is why it truly warms my heart, when I see my own children and other kids feel that same level of pride when they succeed in their kitchen ventures, and I can help them achieve it.”

If you have a little `Ratatouille´ or budding Masterchef in your home ready to dive into the world of kitchens and `sticky fingers´, then this class is the one your child should attend.

The class will specialize in dishes that kids love the most, from more simple recipes, like crepes, brownies, tarts, oeuf cocotte, to a little bit more complex dishes, like quesadillas, floating island jam etc. Audrey, a mother of three, will help your children have fun and get creative, whilst making food out of these delicious recipes.

The recipes will increase your childs skills and confidence step by step. They will also learn to use a variety of utensils, understand kitchen safety and hygiene, how to measure dry and liquid ingredients, and last but not least, how to follow a recipe.

Your little chef will take his or her food creation home at the end of the class, for you and your family to praise, share and enjoy.

Every class includes their own prepping station, an apron, tools and supplies. All class recipes are included, and will be sent to you by e-mail. Please bring a container (or see comments in schedule) for your child to take home the goodness they have prepared.

Check out our schedule to see upcoming Kids Cooking Atelier classes and book the topic that’s right for your child.

Feel free to ask us any questions.

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