Maid's 101

Chef Audrey says:

“The Maid´s 101 was a huge success when I was working in a Chef´s training school in Dubai. The Maid’s 101 is a 2 hour class and it teaches those lovely maids how to prepare Western food for their families. The families I worked with were really happy to eat the food that the maid had prepared during the cooking class, and they loved to see her develop in Western cooking, both through her hard work and her aim to please her family.
My experience has been to focus on Western home made food – the kind of food so many families have been dreaming of eating as the first thing when they travel back home. But with the Maid´s 101, the dream will be brought to reality, and you won´t have to wait until your next trip. I usually explore many different comfort food recipes from Europe, for example, how to make : Quiche, Lasagne, Boeuf Bourguignon, Fresh soup, Creamy Mashed Potatoes, Pasta dishes, The perfect Bolognaise, Fish dishes, Hearty Salads and so much more. Check the schedule to see what recipes she can learn, and I am always interested in receiving ideas for future topics! “

Your maid will need to bring a container or containers to take the food home with her for a dinner for 5 people. If she wants to take notes, she should bring a notebook. We will provide everything else.

What you will get :

  • Each maid will have their own personal prepping station
  • All necessary ingredients and tools
  • Clear recipes will be provided for you and her in both English and Vietnamese (in print & by e-mail)
  • The cooking class is given in English with a Vietnamese language support.

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